Speaking Engagements/Travel


Jan 17-19      G3 Conference
                      Atlanta, GA (Near Airport)
                      G3 Website

Jan 25-26      Biblical Counseling for Women
                      (Open to all women, not just counselors)
                      Conference speakers: Martha, Joni Erickson Tada, Heath Lambert,
                      Al Mohler, Rebekah Hannah)
                      Conference Website
                      First Baptist Church
                      Jacksonville, FL

Feb 10-15      Faith Church
                      Biblical Counseling Training Conference (BCTC)
                      Lafayette, IN
                      Info: BCTC at Faith

Apr 2             Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS)
                      Charlotte, NC
                      Biblical Counseling Department
                      Jim Newheiser

May 5            Faith Bible Church Counseling Conference
                      Sharpsburg, GA  (Martha's Home Church)
                      Speaker: Dr. Charles Hodges (Martha not speaking)

May 20-27    On Reformation Tour with Steve Lawson in Switzerland

June 27-28    Higher Rock Church
                      Manila, Philippines
                      Conference with Martha and Stuart Scott

Sept               Havana, Cuba

Oct 7-9          ACBC Conference
                      Memphis, TN

Oct 12-19      Reserved

Oct 26-27      Grace Bible Church
                      Mountain City, GA
                      Ladies' Conference (Saturday, Oct 26)
                      Ladies' Sunday School (Sunday, Oct 27)

Nov 8-9         Southern View Chapel Church
                      Springfield, IL
                      Contact: Christ and Dawn Christensen

Nov 16          Reserved

Feb 9-14       Faith Church
                     Biblical Counseling Training Conference
                     Lafayette, IN

Mar 2-3        RTS Seminary
                     Charlotte, NC

Mar 20-21    Eagle River Bible Church
                     Near Anchorage, AK

Apr 25         Lou Priolo speaking at Faith Bible Church
                    Reserved - Martha not speaking, but attending

June ?          Israel
                    Orit Kashtan

Nov 13-14   Grace Community Bible Church
                    Tomball, TX
                    Diana Moore
                    Grace Bible Church